I was born in Denmark in 1989 by cesarean cut because I was lying face up. My mother chose my birthday to be September 26 because she preferred an even number. Since my star sign is Libra (in constant search for balance!), I later decided to change my name and embrace the poles of my identity: Harmony and Panik.

There's nothing I can't do.

I'm continuously writing new scripts for my life and turning this process into works. My private life is a laboratory and I regard myself as a generous facilitator of meetings. By creating confined conditions and by pushing the boundaries of identity I provoke real and sincere reactions and experiences. This way I investigate what a relation is.

It's not acting, it's not fiction. I set a stage and what happens next is authentic and honest.

Let the show begin.

I am one half of the duo apperaat, which operates in the intersection of music, poetry, film and performance.