Artist Statement

I'm Tami Harmony Panik Vibberstoft. Born in Denmark in 1989 by cesarean cut because I was lying face up. I grew up behind beech hedges with my mom, dad and little brother in an upper middle class suburb.

In primary school I believed I was a writer of some sort. Later I figured I should do theatre, but I was actually too shy for the stage. Then I started making films instead, eventually turning to photography. Then I got into music business when I coincidentally started a band that got successful. Getting in to at art school I experienced the thrill of drilling, hammering and sawing for the first time and I developed my painting skills too. Now I'm doing it all. Often at the same time.

There's nothing I can't do.

I am constantly looking for challenges. Constantly writing new script for my life in which I play the main character. And then I'm turning this travel and process into works. I'm using my own private life as a laboratory for art works. By creating confined conditions and by pushing the boundaries of my identity I provoke real and sincere reactions that I document and expose. In addition I make use of this technique in a reversed manner too, in which I create certain rules or circumstances that will be the frame in which a meeting with another person takes place and by this I investigate what a relation is.

I work mainly with digital media in relation to space, that being performance or installation. A goal is always to give the video a spatial dimension often in combination with very specific sound and settings. I'm working with cross over media and exploring the possibilities of merging them.

It's not acting, it's not fiction. I set a stage and what happens next is real and sincere.
Let the show begin.