My Planets

Documentation of Tam Vibberstoft/apperaat performing "My Planets"

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"My Planets" takes you on a journey to outer space. The woman is the storytelling Sun who gives you a guided tour to her solar system with her forever circulating men, the planets.

Planet Performance is an audio-visual performance, which is produced by Niels Gade and Tam Vibberstoft (apperaat) and developed/performed by Tam Vibberstoft.

In the performance Tam Vibberstoft is presented as the Sun, and by this she locates the woman in the centre of the Solar System with the 8 planets as her forever circulating men. On 8 TVs each planet is visualised according to its characteristics, and for each planet a poem will be sung and acted out live.

Planet Performance is mixedmedia: theatre, concert, video installation - a sensous experience within singing, poetry and poetical videos all connected by an experimental soundtrack. The performance with a duration of approximately 30 minutes will be performed at the Women's Museum in Denmark on March 8 2013 during International Women's Day.

Planet Performence arises from "Unge Kvinder i Kulturen" (young women in culture), a project where we for the last two years in collaboration with the Women's Museum have created a stage and platform with the purpose of giving young local artists the possibility to expose themselves and their work.

Live photos from My Planets
Photographer: Louise Koustrup